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're a doctor. if you're a medical professional going into this environment where is your responsibility? >> your responsibility is to the patient. it's first and foremost, and it is, in fact, what is most important even in accomplishing the military mission because military physicians come in with an allegiance to this country and take an oath. they are there to serve and keep the force fit and healthy so it can do its job. that is grounded, and you keep the interest of your patient first and foremost. >> i want to hear about force feeding. what does that feel like? what is the process. >> the process of forced feeding is a tube, there are several sizes, it passed through the nose into the throat and into the stomach. there is gel put on t and there is sometimes an anesthetic with it. in terms of how comfortable it is, it varies a lot because people have different gag reflexes. after several times people do get used to it. once the tube is past and you're sure it is in the stomach, then the food, the nutrient, usually ensure, is poured in after an hour. >> the alternative is what, if yo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1